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We put the power of paid ads behind the reach of TikTok’s largest influencers to create the most robust, effective campaigns on the market.
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Facebook and Instagram ads are everywhere, overdone, and lacking unique flare or intent. If you’re already on it you know how tough it can be - it's one of the most crowded ad markets.

TikTok is young, mobile friendly and highly influential. As a new platform, you can enter in through the ground floor. With expert level guidance you can connect with millions of users you can't reach anywhere else.

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35% of tiktok is 18-24 years old   •   27% of tiktok is 25-34 years old   •   18% of TikTok is 35-44 years old   • 35% of tiktok is 18-24 years old   •   27% of tiktok is 25-34 years old   •   18% of TikTok is 35-44 years old   •
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• One of the first agencies to start spending on TikTok’s platform

• Best-in-class performance marketing practices

• Full creative and content management for ad campaigns
• Network of large 1M+ influencers and microinfluencers

• Cross-Industry talent (fashion, cooking, technology, etc.)

• SLOPE Influencer campaigns have driven 100M+ unique views

Facebook ads are commonplace. Instagram ads are overcrowded. And Google ads mainly cater to older users searching for specific targets.

TikTok is young, mobile-friendly, and under-saturated; moreover, because TikTok marketing remains in its infancy, there’s no better time to enter the space. Rely on our team’s expert guidance to create a winning strategy that connects with your audience and boosts your brand.

A well-designed TikTok marketing campaign lets you reach millions of users that you won’t find anywhere else.

TikTok allows you to deliver a memorable message in an engaging, interactive style. And, given its demographics, the platform helps you capture younger users with the potential to grow into loyal customers.

Early adoption is key.

Leverage the power and potential of TikTok ads to reach millions of young, motivated users—and do it before your competitors.
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